Why I Love Mini Posters So Much

August 2, 2019 1 Comment

The countdown for back-to-school has begun. Perhaps some of you have already gone back to school! I have a few more weeks, but I’m thinking about the year to come, planning and preparing, and reflecting.

As I have been reflecting, I have been thinking about anchor charts and how, on the one hand, they’re important and how, on the other hand, I do not enjoy making them. At all. Before you yell at me, let me explain. When I was a new teacher 30 (yes, literally 30 – 1989) years ago, I made tons of anchor charts. It was very time consuming and I did not enjoy it, but I knew they were important. Over the course of many many years, I have created, stored, and thrown away too many charts to count.

Fast forward to (probably) 2012, maybe? I discovered mini posters and I have used and loved them with all my heart ever since. Here’s why. I honestly see my students using them more. I rarely ever saw my students using wall charts. We would create them and then they would hang on the wall until we started a new unit. It’s entirely possible that I was doing something wrong. However, I now create mini posters by the ton because they work really well for my students and me.

When I am building community and establishing routines, I bring out the text coding and turn-and-talk posters. Then, the mini posters (I also have bookmarks) go in their notebooks for year ’round references.

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To help us remember math rules, I have even and odd, prime and composite, PEMDAS, GEMDAS, BODMAS, and BEDMAS (I use PEMDAS, but if you use one of the other acronyms, I’ve got you covered), and integer arithmetic posters for student notebooks. I’m planning to make more throughout the year, so stay tuned.

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The convenience of mini posters simply cannot be beat. I love how they’re with me all the time (on a flash drive) for easy printing and distribution. I love how I can create colorful posters and mini posters, as well as black and white mini posters since I typically have easy access to a black and white printer.

Do you use mini posters? If you do, I have some great ones for you to add to your collection. If not, I hope you’ll check them out!

Anchor Charts for Choosing “Just Right” Books 5th Grade

Anchor Charts for Choosing “Just Right” Books for 4th Grade

Turn-and-Talk Posters

Inclusive Posters for Order of Operations

Inclusive Posters for Even and Odd and Prime and Composite Numbers

Harry Potter Posters for Order of Operations BEDMAS and BODMAS

Harry Potter Posters for Order of Operations GEMDAS

Harry Potter Posters for Order of Operations PEMDAS

Harry Potter Posters for Even and Odd and Prime and Composite Numbers

Harry Potter Rule Posters for Adding and Subtracting Integers

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  • Meagan England January 7, 2020 at 11:28 am

    I have a teacher friend who hangs mini math anchor charts and taps them each during instructio. By mid-year she can take the signs down and the students still remember by looking at that spot! It’s neat!


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