Looking for a variety of ways to engage your students in number sense practice? Tired of boring, monotonous skill and drill worksheets?

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I understand your struggles, and that’s why I developed my number sense bundle. My kids demonstrated a need for multimodal activities to solidify their number sense foundation. After using the activities I designed, the kids are eager to participate because they are finally finding success with math. In fact, another teacher said, “Great resource for our blended learning classroom. Very easy to assign and monitor. Kids were engaged in the activities. High quality and on target!”

CHECK OUT a few of the BUNDLE COMPONENTS for teaching number sense

Place Value Task Cards

Place Value Puzzles, Mazes, and Task Cards

My students really enjoy using these mazes. They are great practice for place value, and I love the self checking piece of it.

This comprehensive resource was great for having students identify, name, and compare numbers in the ten thousands place to the thousandths place.


  • standard form, word form, and expanded form numbers
  • two self-correcting cut, match, paste, and color puzzles
  • two mazes (both printable and digital)
  • two self-grading Google form quizzes
  • twenty task cards (both printable and digital)
  • answer keys for the mazes and task cards

Place Value Task Cards and Mazes for Google Sheets TM

Great resource to keep students engaged with the topic. The maze made it more fun than doing just regular task cards.

This resource for whole number operations includes a LINK TO a ten question, fill-in-the-blank, self-grading activity on numbers in the ten thousands, thousands, hundreds, tens, ones, tenths, hundredths, and thousandths places. It is paperless and can be easily assigned in a . As students answer the place value questions on the task cards, they progress through a maze. This activity can be used for independent work and/or partner work. 

Digital Mazes and Puzzles
Hands-on Sorting Mats

Even Odd Prime and Composite Sorting Mats

This is fantastic for building procedural fluency and conceptual understanding. Very pleased with my purchase.

Are you looking for a unique way for your students to practice whole number operations such as identifying, sorting, and classifying even, odd, prime, and composite numbers? I have a set of sorting mats, cards, and paper dice that are easy to prepare and fun to use. These mats and dice are perfect for small groups or math centers.


  • 19 different sorting mats in both black and white and color
  • two paper dice and record sheets for games
  • 210 playing cards for the mats that can also be used for other games.

All you need are regular dice!

Posters for Even and Odd and Prime and Composite Numbers


This is the perfect product to add to my math resources to help my kiddos understand even and odd and prime and composite numbers! Thank you so much!

I have created 128 inclusive posters – 112 mini posters and 16 large posters – to help your students remember and apply rules for identifying and classifying even and odd and prime and composite numbers. Eight of the large posters are full-color and eight are black and white; fifty-six of the small posters are full-color and fifty-six are black and white.

This resource also includes 8 digital posters for Google Classroom!

Rules include:

  • addition rules for even and odd numbers
  • multiplication rules for even and odd numbers
  • rules for identifying and classifying prime numbers
  • rules for identifying and classifying composite numbers
visual displays and mini posters

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Bundle Description

Bundle features puzzles, mazes, task cards, posters, and quizzes to help you deliver a thorough and differentiated number sense unit to your students.

    Number Sense Bundle

    What's Included:

    • 2 self-correcting cut & paste printable puzzles
    • 2 self-correcting mazes (printable and digital versions provided)
    • 20 review task cards (printable and digital versions provided)
    • A rounding scavenger hunt (printable and digital versions provided)
    • 19 different prime and composite number sorting mats
    • 210 playing cards for the sorting mats that can also be used for other games
    • Paper dice and recording sheets
    • Prime and composite Google™ slides, sheets, and forms
    • 1 monster munch, Google Sheets™ rounding game in which students round a number to the value of the underlined digit in the number to “feed a monster”
    • 1 print and go matching worksheet that can be used separately or to prepare for the game
    • 1 monster munch, Google Sheets™ place value game in which students identify the value of the underlined digit in a number to “feed a monster”
    • 1 print and go matching worksheet that can be used separately or to prepare for the game
    • Even, odd, prime, and composite number reference posters
    • Bonus place value cards


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