5 Fantastic Resources For Distance Learning

5 Fantastic Resources For Distance Learning

The days, weeks, and months since March 12th (give or take a few days or even weeks) have been a whirlwind. I don’t know about you, but I have learned so much. I’ve definitely learned how to keep a mini lesson mini and not ramble on. I’ve also worked really hard to develop lessons that engage students in independent and collaborative ways and to create fantastic resources for distance learning with my peer teachers in mind.

Using Google Classroom isn’t new at this point. Even reluctant, non tech savvy teachers found themselves setting up Google Classrooms. What might be somewhat unique is developing both synchronous and asynchronous lessons that really support students. One strategy I used was embedding videos into Google slides, Google forms, and BOOM Learning quizzes. Videos are (obviously) not a substitute for teacher read alouds and mini lessons; however, creating lessons with embedded videos helped me set up a learning environment that was more like a flipped classroom.

Poetry Analysis

These Poetry Analysis Quizzes are so much more than just quizzes. The two Google forms include the public domain poems, definitions of terms, some background information, and questions about vocabulary, author’s purpose, and more. The lower level versions have only multiple choice questions, but the higher level versions include both multiple choice and short constructed response questions. My students absolutely loved them.

Narrative Nonfiction

If you’ve been following me for any length of time, you know how much I love narrative nonfiction. One of the reasons I love it is because it features stories about real people. My students love that. This set of lessons is different than others I have created because they include embedded videos of the read alouds and more scaffolding to help students be successful. They also include Google slides for synchronous sessions where students can work in breakout groups to discuss author’s purpose, character traits, making text connections, discussing their passions, and thinking about how people can save the earth. Between the synchronous and asynchronous lessons, my class spent two weeks on these lessons and had some terrific discussions. In addition to digital components, the resource includes both black and white and color printables because I know many schools sent packets home with students and that we will be back in our classrooms at some point.

I have also developed some narrative nonfiction BOOM learning quizzes in the past couple of days. I am planning to add more in the near future. The quiz for The House That Jane Built includes an embedded video and questions about vocabulary, character traits, main idea, theme, and the cause and effect text structure.

The quiz for Catching the Moon includes an embedded video and questions about vocabulary, character traits, main idea, theme, and the problem/solution text structure.

Math Resources

Finally, I know that my blog has generally focused on language arts, but this year, since I taught all subjects, I spent a lot of time developing math resources. The digital ones are linked below!



BOOM LEARNING Algebraic Thinking

BOOM LEARNING Fraction Computation

BOOM LEARNING Order of Operations

BOOM LEARNING Decimal and Fraction Number Sense

Google Form Quizzes:

Geometry Quizzes (2 Levels)

Whole Number Computation (print and digital)

Algebraic Reasoning (2 levels)

Fraction Computation (2 levels)

Decimal and Fraction Number Sense (2 levels)


My sincere hope is that whether you are a teacher or a parent of upper elementary children that you will find some useful, time saving resources that will challenge and engage your children/students. I hope your children and students love these resources as much as my students and I do! I’d love to hear from you in the comments.

Picture Book Recommendations

Nonfiction Book Recommendations

Chapter Book Recommendations

Math Materials

Want to learn more? Click here and here.

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