Writing a Literary Essay

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Opinion writing is essential for students in the upper elementary and middle grades. Writing about reading is a great place to start! This resource uses mentor texts that are not included, but can easily be found on the internet. The bundle is loosely based on the work of Lucy Calkins, but is my unique take on it. After teaching this unit for several years, I found that my students needed a lot of support and feedback throughout the process in order to be successful.

In January of 2020, I updated this product to include Google drive slide shows for composing paragraphs and electronic exit tickets. You can now assign this work in Google classroom. Before that, in March of 2019, I updated this product to include some editable pages, additional checklists, printable exit tickets, and more! All presentations are now in Powerpoint, so you can add or delete pages to suit your needs, and in PDF. Thank you for all of the feedback. It has helped me improve this product. Enjoy!

Included in this bundle are:

* 10 scaffolded powerpoint lessons with objectives, learning targets, and exit tickets

* 3 original exemplars

* 3 mini rubrics

* 2 revision and editing checklists.

* Printable exit tickets

* Links to Google drive resources


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