Month: January 2018

Studying the Works of Chris Van Allsburg

I love author studies. One of the main reasons is because students of all ages can study the works of one author and begin to see authors as real people. Another is because studying books allows students to interact with those books on a… Continue Reading “Studying the Works of Chris Van Allsburg”


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Why I Love Wringer So Much

If you’re a teacher, you are currently teaching a Dorothy (someone who is being tormented mercilessly, yet is forging on), a Beans (a bully), a Mutto and a Henry (bystanders), and a Palmer (someone who just wants to be accepted and is confused and hurting in his own way). I have found that reading Wringer aloud to my whole class (sometimes 2 or 3 classes depending on the year) is a great way to broach and discuss these painful coming-of-age topics. The bonus is that in all of my years as a fifth grade teacher, I have never taught a student who has read it! It makes for a great read aloud experience filled with surprises.

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