Blogging, at Last

Blogging is something I’ve considered doing for quite some time now. It took me a couple of years to muster up the courage. I spent the past two years thinking, “What will I say?” Then, over the summer of 2017, I became a Teachers Pay Teachers seller and, voila! Now, I have something to say.

Although I’ve only been marketing my products since July 2017, I have created them for (and more importantly tested them on) my fifth grade students since 2011. Kids are tough critics. I’m proud to say that they’ve responded well to my lessons. I hope that your students will, too.

I’m excited to begin sharing teaching anecdotes with you on this blog.


4 Comments on “Blogging, at Last

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  3. Great job! I look forward to following your ideas! I’ve got to try the Google Forms.

    • I’m working on learning how to make editable products in Google right now. I just took a google workshop last week and it was great!

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